I am so happy that you decided to take a look at my work.

Little bit about myself. Along with being a designer, I am also a blogger. I am one half of the awesome BCS Reviews. I started making graphics simply because I wanted something to do and I had so many wonderful authors friends that I wanted to help. Make their words come alive by finding pictures or a romantic couple that would make the words they wrote resonate with others like they did with me. Two years later here I am.

I am completely self taught. I unfortunately did not have the resources to attend school and learn intricacies of design software but I had a dream and felt I was smart enough to at least get the basics down. I was right and still everyday I learn new things to make my clients dream covers come true.

I LOVE to read. It was and always will be my for love. I relish in the ability that books give you to escape into the world of the authors creation. I can fall in love with a bad boy, MC outlaw biker, a cowboy or billionaire.

I get no greater joy then when I can put a smile on authors face because I made their characters and story come alive on a cover or graphic teaser.

I hope you like all these graphics I’ve made, and hopefully we’ll get the chance to work together soon!

If you’re interested in my work, please contact me!

XOXO Jules