Book Formatting

Q: How long will my book take to format?

A: Anywhere from 5 days to 24hrs. Every manuscript is different and I will not know definitely until I receive yours.

Q: When do I need to have my manuscript to you?

A: I ask that you have a fully edited copy to me at least a week in advance of your booking date.

When sending your manuscript please include the following:

  • Word doc. or docx. file of edited manuscript
  • Any links to be included inside the book (website, editor, cover designer, etc.)
  • Any dedication, acknowledgements and author bio you would like included.
  • Book cover
  • Any font names that were either used on the cover or you would like included.
  • Any extra interior images (300 dpi)
  • Ideas you may have
  • Word count
  • Paperback trim size & page color

Q: Can I have my manuscript earlier than my scheduled book date?

A: Yes, but only if my schedule allows. If I must move around or push another client's job then there will be a $30 additional charge.

Q: Do I receive and ARC/Review Copy of my manuscript when ordering an eBook design?

A: Yes, you can. Please request it at time of booking. It is free of charge.

Q: How do I submit my manuscript files?

A: All manuscripts can be either emailed [j.cabreradesigner] or placed into a Dropbox or Google Drive folder that you will provide link too.

Your manuscript should also be submitted in a unformatted Word document with the exception of scene breaks (please mark with # or *), chapter headings, and indents. Please keep all bold and italicized text as is. If you are sending images you would like included in your manuscript please make sure they are 300 dpi or higher.

Q: How do I pay?

A: I will send you quote when I receive your request with word count. That will number will be set in stone. The only things that may change that number are if I must buy any clip art, images or fonts to complete your manuscript. I will email you prior before continuing on the project if that occurs.

Once your project is complete and you have approved your proof copy. I will invoice you. Once payment is paid in full I release all final documents. I accept payment through PayPal only at this time.